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If your have been blocked, go HERE.


It is easy to defeat SPAM.

Currently, our service which is based on classical RBL/DNSBL technology allows achieving the efficiency of SPAM filtering in 98-99,8%.

The resource is focused on email systems administrators who have to deal with the problem of SPAM, but do not have sufficient experience or available tools for proper performance of the task.

General information about our service and its differences from similar or alternative solutions is here.

Technical recommendations for domain settings see in Recommendations section.

Before using the RBL/DNSBL service, make sure that the architecture of your email system will not create problems both for users and administrators. Architecture.

Information on how to connect to the service, see on Service page.


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ATTENTION:  we are always ready to consider suggestions and requests on cooperation, individual approach, sponsorship and any other assistance in development of the service. Mail us.


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